OneKey Pro · Hardware Wallet

Security meets style.

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OneKey Classic 1S · Hardware Wallet

Ultra Light & Advanced Security.

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OneKey KeyTag · Recovery Phrase Backup Kit

Extremely durable. Incredibly tiny.

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OneKey Lite · Recovery Phrase Backup Card

Restore your wallet without typing one word.

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Open source hardware wallet. Trusted by millions

EAL 6+

A leap forward in security

By far the highest security level hardware wallet,
guarding your cryptocurrencies with the industry's highest standards.

Unveil OneKey Pro

It’s more than a month since I bought OneKey back, and it has not been unplugged from my computer... When I bought it I really did not expect to use it so frequently.

Vincent, Partner of Sky9 Capital

Best hardware I've ever used, super high quality and easy-to-use.

Jia Fang, Staking Manager of Binance

For safety reasons, it is recommended to have a hardware wallet for big money mining. In the words of my friend, only after having a hardware wallet can you truly feel that you own the coins.

Bitfish, Founder of Cobo

OneKey should be awesome as a “safer access to blockchain”. If I were an investment fund, I would invest in this company.

Chaoji, Founder of Benmo

Finally I got my OneKey, and it works as good as the people said. It is the best hardware wallet for the DeFi miner experience!

Daniel Lv, Co-Founder of Nervos

A key to unlock the door of freedom: OneKey.

VicodinXYZ, Family Office Founder

Open source app and firmware

Allows developers and users to inspect the codebase, enhancing transparency and trust in software functionality and security.

Code audits by blockchain experts

We’ve engaged blockchain experts like Slowmist to conduct ongoing code audits for OneKey, scanning and checking for security vulnerabilities.

Build packages with the freshest code

Using the latest code, we automate the installation package creation through GitHub CI, including SHA256 verification for the package to ensure security from build to download.

Open your Web3 world

Secure to the core, both hardware and software.

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