1. What is OneKey?

Open Source hardware wallet developed by Bixin, the official APP supports Android system now, iOS system is under development, we will also make a browser plug-in version in the future (Similar to MetaMask), support all third-party clients supported by Trezor. Such as Bitcoin Bore、Electrum、Metamask etc.

2. Can OneKey be used with other wallets?

Yes. Currently supports:OneKey official APP、Trezor web version、Electrum、Mycelium、Exodus、Elextrum-DASH、Electrum-LTC、Etherwall、MetaMask、MyCrypto、MyEtherWallet、Nano Wallet、Walleth、Bitcoin Core、Wasabi、BTCPayServer、Specter.


3. How long does OneKey can be used? If it was damaged, will my assets disappear?

Not easy to damage under normal use. If you encounter extreme conditions to damage your wallet, only need your mnemonic can restore assets on a third-party wallet or OneKey device.


4. How many currencies does OneKey support?

Our official APP only support BTC now, but we will support other currencies ASAP.  But OneKey wallet supports many currencies (including BTC、ETC、USDT、LINK、BCH、LTC、Stellar、ZEC、ETC...etc.), You can use OneKey to connect to MetaMask in browser to create ETH wallet and play Defi, your assets will be safe to keeping in your hardware wallet, when you connect to web version of Trezor, you can check all your assets in this wallet.


5. Is OneKey safer than mobile wallet?

The private keys of OneKey are all created offline, avoid cyber attacks completely. The physical buttons and display screen can provide complete protection even if the computer or mobile phone is implanted with malicious viruses, the transaction information needs double check on hardware device then signed for release. Software side cannot tamper it, private key is more secure throughout.